Gifts: Vere Hair Tie pack of 3

Gifts: Vere Hair Tie pack of 3

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DURABLE AND EVERLASTING: It can be wrapped 2 to 3 times over. Over-stretch can be repaired by placing the band in boiling water until it is restored into its original size.

SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: The Vere hairband spiral elasticity helps bring hair together with even distribution of pressure to prevent tangling and unnecessary pain.  It can be easily removed without catching any strand of hair and it does not leave any damage to hair itself, no bumps no headaches.

WATER / OIL PROOF AND HYGIENICThe Vere hairbands are always made with synthetic organic compound that has abrasion resistance, germ resistance, odor resistant, high shear strength, high elasticity, transparency, water, oil and grease resistant.