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February 1st, 2018

Ramping up for the love season. For some Valentine's day can be like any other day and for others it's a very special day. No matter which way you choose to celebrate It's a day to appreciate LOVE. whether you are giving love or receiving love from a family member a friend or a loved one, today and everyday tell them that you really appreciate them being a part of your life and I promise you that smile will go a long way.  

January 2018

Well we went to yet another trade show and I never get tired of it. I am a fashion hunter and I am always looking for the best product for my store. I always bring my entourage of girls to come and not only learn why I choose the product for my store based on customers wants and body types, but they also try everything on to make sure it's just right!


October 26, 2017

We celebrated our one year anniversary. We love being apart of the Upper Montclair community. We appreciate everyone that came out and celebrated with us. Till next year...


August 30th 2017

As Summer is coming to a wrap all Sale items are 50% off!  

You can smell the coolness in the morning air and even though I love Summer I also love the smell of Fall approaching. Fall items have arrived and continue to come in daily. We have a great selection of price points and styles from something you can wear out to dinner, out to lunch with the ladies, to work or just something comfortable. There is something for everyone, Stop by to see all the wonderful new arrivals!


August 17th 2017

We are going on our 11th month of being open and every day just gets more exciting. We went to a trade show last week and boy did we find more goodies. We bought Wear now Clothing, more Winter 2017, Spring 2018 and We bought vacation wear for those who travel in November and December. It is definitely an adventure and a mission to find the best product that suits our clients. Kimonos are on trend, they are easy to wear, they are great as laying pieces but also can be used as a bathing suit cover up. We just bought some jeans and we are excited about bringing them in.  From Fun Blouses to Cozy Knits and Sweaters galore from cardigans, to cropped to box cut,  It's all trickling into our store as I write. Staying late to put in inventory is part of being a business owner and getting product out asap so that you can enjoy all of the exciting and new things that we are excited to share with you is one of my greatest joys!


May 26th 2017

It has been 7 months since Nouvelle opened and we are having so much fun. We get to meet new women everyday and have fun styling them. Ladies Night in Upper Montclair was last week and we had a blast. We had a DJ, Raffles, Champagne, Wine and Sweet Treats. Frank my husband of course was the bartender passing around my mother in laws home made limoncello and cafecello. Hope you enjoyed.


May 2017

Went to another great trade show. We are always excited about discovering new brands to bring you the best selection possible. We can't wait for you to see.


March 10th 2017

Well we had a successful 3 days at Coterie and at the Fame Show.  Transitional and Spring items have started to trickle in and we are very excited about it. If you haven't been in your missing out!


February 26th 2017

On Friday we went to a trade show called Capsule and we found so many great items we can't wait for you to see. Tomorrow is Coterie and we are really excited to attend the show for the next 3 days. We love hunting for the greatest product for our customers of Nouvelle.   

February 11th, 2017

Well Valentines is just a round the corner and though it may be an overrated holiday for some it's still a sexy holiday, a holiday that lets your friendtine or your Valentine let you know that they care. In return it's a time for you to bring out your inner woman, put on some lipstick, put on a great new top or just new lace underwear and voila you have it. No matter if you go out or stay in for Valentines we have something for you.

Happy Valentines from us to you.


January 21st, 2017

Hello Ladies, If your tired of your winter wardrobe you can freshen it up with these great transitional tops we started to get in. They are so beautiful and as always I get so excited to present them to you. We also just received these awesome Vegan Leather Leggings and Faux Suede Leggings from Lysee they are easy to get on, machine washable and you can even steam them. Hope all this rain hasn't stopped your sunshine. See you soon.


January 13,2017

Well Good morning Ladies, I hope you have had a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year.

We want to thank everyone that shopped our store this Holiday season and we hope you loved it as much as we did.

This is what we have been up to lately.

We went to the trade show this week in NYC. Three days of hunting for the best product and finding new vendors that you would love.

Shipments of Items are always coming in weekly and sometimes daily.  

Our Spring Collection has started to trickle in for those who are planning a Winter get away.

Ask to see our back room and see what's hidden back there.


November 13,2016

We are so excited to introduce Nouvelle , A women's brand new curated boutique.

About a year ago I started going to Trade shows in Manhattan and buying brand new merchandise to accommodate our customers needs for layering pieces and basics for our other concept boutique One Savvy Design Consignment on Church Street in Montclair. Along the way I ended up buying Fashion and more items to add to the new assortment resulting in us opening another store and naming it Nouvelle which means NEW.

Nouvelle carries an assortment of brand new women's Fashion, Comfort Wear, Basics and Layering Tanks & Braletts.


Friday October 28th, 2016

We had Nouvelle's Grand opening on Thursday October 27th and we want to thank everyone for coming and having a great time with us.

We had had so much fun with sweet treats, champagne, DJ Prince Hakim, a professional photographer Will from Maxine 6 Photography taking photos on the Red Carpet of Models, Sara, Katie & Dominic wearing fabulous outfits from the store.

Fashion is who you are, Style is how you wear it!